Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Tree Portraits: Continued

It's become a bit of tradition to take pictures in front of the Christmas tree now, wheee!

Happy Birthday Uncle Drew

Happy Birthday Uncle Drew, we love you and miss you!

Daphne's school Christmas party

This is how Daphne really felt about the whole thing..

But there was an exciting surprise visit from Santa

Maia hanging with the "big kids"

Daphne going to get her present

Amazingly, none of the kids ripped their presents open right away!

Leaving on a jet-plane

The kids love nothing more than constructing their own "airplanes" around the house.
Here they are getting ready for take-off!

This is why I have a little sister

A willing human sticker book..

Tis the season

For Christmas songs

Maia goes on a trip

Monday, December 12, 2011

Double trouble

A bit of bazaar and hyperactivity after dinner, in honor of Papa.

So so bad...

They already know how to hide from Mamarazzi...

A tiny quiet interlude..
...And back at it again!

The Christmas Tree Portraits

What makes you say that we love our Christmas tree?

Why buy toys when...

you have a big box

Puzzle mania

Girls are getting good at and having lots of fun with puzzles.